Made a trip down below today

I had an appointment with the podiatrist at the Sepulveda VA ACC today. I got new inserts and ankle braces. Yippee………

On the way back I stopped at the Lamont Odett View Point and broke out the Trusty Nikon.

I hope you like the results.


The ubiquitous Air Force Plant 42…… Skunk Works, Secret Squirrel Stuff……


Beyond is Rosamond Dry Lake on Eddy’s Airplane Patch.


The Santa Barbara Fire

The big fire down by Santa Barbara is at 4,000 plus acres. This morning the smoke showed up in the Antelope Valley. At sunrise we realized it wasn’t high thin clouds.

I had to fuel my pickup and stop at the exchange before heading home. When I left the exchange, I could smell the smoke. Jets taking off were disappearing in short order on climb out from the base.

On the way home, I broke out my Trusty Nikon and grabbed a few pictures at the California City Boulevard turnoff. I give you those pictures.

Cal City Boulevard looking North
The San Gabriel Mountains
Another shot of the San Gabriel Mountains
Looking West toward the Tehachapi along the utility service road parallel to the 58
Another view of Cal City Boulevard

I also decided to include the link to the latest on the fire from KTLA 5 out of Los Angeles.

Brush Fire Burning in Santa Barbara County Grows to 4,000 Acres; 5 Percent Contained

Sunrise in the Antelope Valley

I had to take Missus ORPO to LAX to fly to Syracuse, NY to surprise Son Number 1 on his Fortieth Birthday. I was up at 0100 and we were on the road at 0200. I pulled up in front of American Airlines in about 0350 and I was headed home by 0415. I stopped for breakfast at Denney’s in Santa Claria for breakfast and Stater Bros in Mojave where I picked up a new IPA from Sierra Nevada.

Coming down the hill to Palmdale is a scenic pull out and the sky in the East was getting light so I decided to break out the Nikon.

Some are good and some are not. I am still trying to get it figured out.


The Antelope Valley

Shot a few today from the scenic overlook on the 14 above Palmdale. Kind of windy, dusty and hazy. But I think one has the San Andreas Fault in it. It runs right through here by the California Aqueduct. I live about fifty miles away! My sister in law lives just down the hill from it!

The mark is the surface indication of The San Andreas Fault, I think. It is on the line I saw on a map. But the Fault is very close to where I took the picture and the mapwork says this is the direction it takes
Plant 42 at Palmdale Airport.

Plant 42 is home to the famous or infamous, Lockheed Skunk Works. It used to be at Burbank but at some point it moved to the Desert. The other major defense contractors have facilities here. It is where those super secret airplanes are built. Somewhere in the distance is Edwards AFB.