Super Moon/Sturgeon Moon

I simply crossed the street to the sidwalk opposite the house and fired away with the Nikon……………………………..results are here for your consideration. In a few you will see Casa de Sharon y Glenn.

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Desert Sunrise 21 August 2015

I left the house earlier than usual as the sun does rise later in the latter half of August. I was lucky enough to catch the sun as it broke above the mountains to the East. I got a few of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains to the East with the Grey Light Of Dawn hitting them and the hill on California City Boulevard as well.

It is interesting how the mountains to the East, West and South have a bluish tint in the early morning. The Air Force Rocket Lab is a bit ethereal at this time of day…………….

This Desert, where I live and work is an amazingly beautiful place.

In the mix is a BNSF Train going East to Barstow with three GE’s on the head end and two GE’s on the rear as pushers………………..22,000 Horsepower!

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Pictures of The Southeast Kern County Desert

My City in the Distance, California City


Another view of California City



Mojave Spaceport(MHV) with the San Gabriel Mountains in the distance






Looking up the Tehachapi Pass to the West



Wind Turbines……………and more Wind Turbines. Kern County communities do not get power from these. It goes to Los Angeles.


Signs, signs, everywhere the signs, blocking out the scenery






Some got captions. Some did not. This is a look at the that part of California, where Missus ORPO and I live, here among the Joshua Trees.


I took a few snaps of the storm clouds that were moving into my corner of the Southeast Kern County Desert yesterday while heading to work.

I figured, why not? I keep the old trusty Kodak Z-612 in my truck at the ready for any kind of opportunity.

To the North toward the Rand Mountains
To the North toward the Rand Mountains
Looking at the Southern Sierras
Looking at the Southern Sierras
From Twin Buttes Road and Cal City Boulevard lookng North
From Twin Buttes Road and Cal City Boulevard lookng West


Looking West toward Boron and Barstow
Looking West toward Boron and Barstow


Bone yard-Mojave with some snow pics tossed in

I had to make a quick run to Stater Bros. Market in Mojave to grab Missus ORPO some diet colas……………………

The day was almost winter like in appearance. The first snow on the Southern Sierra Nevada and Airplanes simply added to it. I do apologize for the poor quality as I used my smart phone camera………………….I keep forgetting my Nikon for some strange reason.

This is one of those places that airplanes go to die………………………………

767 and 747 air frames at MHV. The 767s are former Air Canada including, the last I knew, C-GAUN, The Gimli Glider.
4 747s and an MD11 Qantas, Lufthansa, Thai and KLM.
The first snow I have seen this year close to us,
In the distance, The San Gabriel Mountains and The Angeles Crest with some snow.

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