Desert Wanderings, aka, A run to Ridgecrest and the Upper Mojave and gratuitous Plane Pr0n.


The Fremont Valley and Indian Wells Valley have been getting smoke from the Ferguson and other fires on the other side of the Sierra Nevada Range.

It was also extremely windy coming back south to Cal City on the 14. I have some pics on my phone that I will post later.

I also had to get pics of the static aircraft at NAWS China Lake.

More Random Desert/Boneyard Pics/Etc from today

Seems I had to go to Mojave and the Stater Bros Market therein………………..Missus ORPO needed some fixins for Mango Salsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took the Trusty Nikon with me and managed to grab a few pictures of the Boneyard and other sundrie items……………………………………………………….

Please do enjoy them!

DSC_0002 - Copy
Mojave Air and Space Port. Pretty fancy name for a place known as a bone yard.
DSC_0004 - Copy
L1011 by the tower
DSC_0005 - Copy
BAC 111’s formerly used as test aircraft by BAE Systems
DSC_0013 - Copy
Mojave to the Left Bishop to the Right
DSC_0014 - Copy
Two Ex KLM MD-11s in the mix. One of those 767s is the infamous Gimli Glider, C-GAUN.
DSC_0016 - Copy
Ex Southern Air Cargo and Ex Atlas Air Cargo 747s
Ex Thai Airways, Qantas and Lufthansa 747s that a few months ago were in service. They are now waiting their fate.


Two hangars at Edwards AFB are visible from CA14
The California City Boulevard Exit
Paging Anthony Bourdain!
Did someone say Joshua Trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raven Statue just off of CA14 on California City Boulevard. The Ravens are the California City High School Nickname

Random Desert Pics, 13 August 2015

Keeping the Nikon in the Titan allows me to do this. I think I need to keep it up. I will hopefully get to shoot a few of some trains on the BNSF Mojave Subdivision.

Looking toward Tehachapi at about 0620 hours
The Rand Mountains
The Borax Mine at Boron
Classic Road, Telephone Poles and Mountains view from the Mojave Desert
Air Force Rocket Lab out there on that mountain.

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Today in The Fremont Valley

I had to remove all the stuff I had done in the front yard so the landscaper can do his thing on Wednesday. The Landlord had the landscaper over the other day and we are getting a rock front yard with a tree.

We also had a thunderstorm to the Northwest and West at the same time.

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I went to the grocery store in Mojave, CA today.

Pictures ensued on the way home.

Thai Airways 747s
Former Air Canada 767s including the infamous Gimli Glider.
KLM MD-11s in the back row awaiting their fate
Lufthansa 747s awaiting their fate alontg with a few Qantas 747s




Freight Train coming down the hill to Mojave and points East
BAC 1-11 regional airliners. These two have been here since I moved to the desert in 2009.


Storm Coming This Way

We are getting storm lines from the one that is raising hell in other parts of California. I shot some on the way home after going in to get my stuff that had been in my locker, so I can take it to the new location for our AMU.

We are now getting activity from the third line of this storm so far. No problems here in the Southeast Kern County Desert, so far.

Four of the pics I took from in front of the house.

150170_862127750476239_5478961388053244758_n 10352335_862127893809558_8154401015546112330_n 10382731_862127860476228_4664466569319335450_n 10387201_862127837142897_2443360946657677819_n 10390342_862127977142883_7124107579493568088_n 10461464_862127790476235_544405258316292823_n 10675522_862127950476219_4357805026335429272_n 10690258_862127813809566_7315477209245519947_n 10845956_862127770476237_6386533512896080886_n 10849720_862127920476222_262528529687043760_n DSC_0010 DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0013