Flygirlpainter does her thing on a brand new 60 Romeo for HSM-49, The Scorpions

Shayne Meder

Master Sergeant

United States Air Force


Damn this gal does some seriously awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is doing the HSM-49 MH-60R CAG Bird as she has done all of the Helo Squadron CAG Birds based at NAS North Island.

I asked her if I could blog the progress of this project and she said to take them from Flygirlpainter at Facebook and to go for it. I have done two at already. Then I realized that not everyone reads that blog, so I am saturation bombing on a less regular cycle here at ATJT………………….

Please enjoy, my friends!

another clue
Masking Off for all those colors
bad assery in progress
Lay out work
hammer time
Detail Stuff
here's looking at you
Business End
hsm 49 patch
Official Squadron Patch
masked all day
Masking the Pylon
She brought the Peeps!
scorpion red
Scorpion Red!
Stinger 100
Stinger 100, Factory Fresh!
The Tease
the nose
The Nose
the red is on 4 April 2015
The Red Is On



This is a poem by a friend of mine in the Pacific Northwest.

Do you like me?
Do you care?
Do you understand
What put me there?

I was happy
Free and wild
I was carefree
Like a wondering child.

But then one day
The wind rushed in
The mailman came
Delivered sin.

He brought a notice
Black and white
It told me where
I’d be that night.

I opened it and
Read it straight away
Report for Duty!
Do not delay!!

I loved my country
And served with pride
I must admit, never really
Thought I’d die.

But on the field
With crimson stain
I lost my life
A victory gained

My best friend cried
Sitting there alone
Only 18, these feelings
He had not known.

He dragged me off
The field that night.
Collected things
I said I’d write.

I made him promise
As he laughed
The month before
In case I passed.

I said please remind
The ones I love
I didn’t ever
Want to leave.

When they ask why
Just tell them this:
A fellow cannot
Be remiss.

He must stand
For what is good.
Protect and serve
Sometimes with blood.

I wanted to be there
For graduation,
Weddings, births
And collaborations.

I gave it up
And so did they
But don’t distress, see
I’ve paved the way.

For you to raise
Your family
In the soft waving breeze
Of liberty.

I loved my life;
My wife and son
I did not even
Have a gun.

I was just a guy
With a heart and soul.
Doing things that
I’d rather not do.

But sometimes there
Are certain things
That one must stand for
Not just cling

To all our fears
Or childish ways
Refusing to see
Beyond the haze

Peace sounds great
It’s what I want
That is why
I fought the fight.

For you and yours
To have a bright
Future full of love
Grace and delight.

I did not falter
I did not run
I did not sell us out
I stood my ground

For you and for
Our children, then
For family, friends;
Our countrymen.

When you tell her
If you stand
Before her
She will understand.

He called on her
It crushed her world
He held her close
As she unfurled.

But I was right
She handled well
The news that my
Last note would tell.

I did not give
My life in vain
For you to spit
Upon my grave.

So when you pass
My way and glance
At my headstone
In happenstance

With bronze details
So stark and grey
Remember that
I died that day.

~J. Knight, c 2014 (all rights reserved.)

From a School Chum of mine in Alberta, Canada.

Environment Canada has issued a travel warning due to snowfall and bad road conditions.

They suggest that anyone travelling in the current icy conditions should ensure they have the following:

Blankets or sleeping bag
Extra clothing including hat and gloves
24 hours worth of food
Rock Salt
Flashlight with spare batteries
Road Flares or Reflective Triangles
Full gas Can
First Aid Kit
Booster cables

I looked like a f**n’ idiot on the bus this morning!

Something to Think About

Something to Think About

Anyone ever been on reservations in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska?
I have…………
My home town is between two of them in NC Montana…………………..
The liberal ideology at work………………….



Sunday Kipling Divided Destinies

Sunday Kipling Divided Destinies

Divided Destinies

It was an artless Bandar, 
and he danced upon a pine,
And much I wondered how he lived, 
and where the beast might dine,
And many many other things, till, 
o'er my morning smoke,
I slept the sleep of idleness 
and dreamt that Bandar spoke.

The rest is at the link in the title

SUNSET OF A SNIPER——-Stormbringer


The media keeps saying “former Navy SEAL” – heads up Lamestream: there’s no such thing as a “former” SEAL or Green Beret – the correct term is ‘ex-‘ meaning ‘out of’.

Chris Kyle was a better man than most; lived more in his short time on this Earth than most men would in ten lifetimes. He was a bona fide American Hero. Honor him.


My friend’s view on the events of yesterday in Newtown CT.

My friend Jennifer Myers Soliz had this one up on her Facebook page today.
It’s good, folks. Doesn’t matter what your beliefs and values system is, it is that good. From a wife, mother and devout Christian. That is all

Oh. My. Goodness. Someone make the stupidity stop! I have seen video games, psych drugs, autism, working parents, public school, lack of gun control, and even God blamed for what happened yesterday. Just stop! I know we are all searching for answers after so many children and adults are slaughtered. I get that. It’s beyond our abil

ity to comprehend because we are not mass murderers. Folks- I’m not going to pretend to be some philosopher with all the answers. I don’t know why God allowed this to happen. I don’t have spiritual eyes- I’m still here on earth. I won’t see the spiritual forces until I get to the other side. This much I know: I absolutely believe the Bible- for more reasons than I can type with my thumbs on an FB status. That means I believe in unseen angels – some work for Almighty God and some for Satan. I believe in personal choice and responsibility. We choose to be swayed by good or evil. This mass murderer chose evil. Now- feeding young minds a constant diet of violence, sex etcetera is going to make them weaker against those forces, but don’t blame music, movies, video games for all of that. They are about supply and demand. If people demand trash and are willing to pay for it, business will supply it. Don’t blame psych drugs- some folks have chemical imbalances and they need those meds to live a somewhat normal life. I’m VERY pro natural, but sometimes our bodies need help. Don’t blame guns- murders, rapes, robberies happen all the time without guns! I’ve worked with some criminals as I’ve walked this strange life of mine. Not a single one of them said they refused to have a gun because the gun was illegal. Funny thing about criminals- they don’t seem to obey the law. Smh. And blaming God? I’ve seen comments that God was allowed in church where kids were molested, Hitler was a Christian, what God are we praying to who would allow this to happen, etc. *sigh* I’m not wanting to get into a long debate (and don’t get long winded in the comments about it either as I know a few of you can) or details, but quite simply you either believe Christ died and rose again or you don’t. You either believe God loves you (and He does) or you don’t. I pray and hope that you do. Message me if you want to talk about it! God doesn’t dictate that we follow Him. I believe the murders yesterday were of a person with a depraved heart. I will continue to pray for the first responders, families, loved ones, CT, and our nation. But taking the weapons away from law abiding citizens, meds away from those who need them, and blaming God are not the answers. May God comfort our nation, and may souls seek Him in the midst of this horror.