I am still here

I have been neglecting this here blog that I have kept. I am running out of free space on it. When Missus ORPO returns from Wichita, Kansas where she has been with the youngest daughter for the period before, during and after the arrival of our new grandson on 17 September 2019 I will do the upgrade at forty-eight bucks a year to keep this project going.

I must admit that I have been occupied over the last few years with scans, blood work and other sundry indignities concerning my medical status. So far nothing bad has been found. The weight loss that began in 2015 when I was moved into the tool room on a reasonable accommodation was a tough go. When I was surprised with a reveal in May in Wichita by Missus ORPO, The Darling Daughter and Eldest Granddaughter, I started looking up. So without further ado, I give you all a few pics of Grayson Austin Mark Green.

Piper’s visit to the Central Coast Part 1

I finally got a chance this morning to upload pictures to the laptop of Missus ORPO and I taking Piper to the Central Coast!

Piper on the one of the circular staircases at Camp SLO Billeting

Several pics of Piper and Grammy on Oceano State Beach


Piper with a horse mounted California State Parks Volunteer




Tehachapi Loop and Murray Farms with Bailee

Took the Granddaughter up to the Tehachapi Loop today to hopefully see a train go around it. We got an Eastbound UP Manifest Train.

Bailee at the Tehachapi Loop Marker
MOW equipment going into the house track
UP 5373 East entering the Loop
Around the hill on the Loop
Head end over the rear portion of the train
Bailee with UP 5373 East in the full Loop
Bailee with UP 5373 East in the full Loop
Murray Farms at the bottom of the hill in the San Joaquin Valley
The Ant at Murray Farms
A bunch of grapes

Warner Brothers Studio and Griffith Park

We took the Granddaughter, Bailee down to LA/Burbank yesterday. We did the tour and then hit the observatory at Griffith Park.

A good time was had by all!

Bailee and Daffy
The Famous Water Tower!
In the Shop where stuff is built
The General Lee
Bailee, Scooby and the Mystery Machine
HOLLYWOOD! From the Griffith Park Observatory
Looking at Downtown!
Grandpa and Grandma with Bugs
My turn!

We had planned to go to Pink’s for lunch. The line was really long! So we headed up toward Grauman’s Chinese Theater. No close by parking and the place was packed! So it was just the studio tour and the observatory. We got something there at the Edge of the Universe Cafe’.

And I got out of the Warner Brothers Store for less than $150!

Bailee at Edwards AFB and Red Rock Canyon State Park

We had Grandpa and Grand Daughter time today.

Some photo evidence.

This is the B-52 that was at NASA from 1976 to 2004.
F-101B Voodoo!
F-105D Thud!
The Tower at Century Circle at Rosamond Gate
The Canyon is a pretty place even at 100 plus on the Thermometer!
Neat Formations in Red Rock Canyon SP


Sunday evening at the ball park

Yesterday, I took the Grand Daughter to a baseball game in Adelanto. It is just north of Victorville on US 395 near the old George AFB. The High Desert Mavericks hosted the Bakersfield Blaze, California League, Class “A” Ball.

Inexpensive, family friendly and fun.

Bailee made out pretty good. Got a baseball and had it autographed by the Mascot, One Wooly Bully and the Rally Wizard. She ran the outfield and the bases. Cotton Candy, Doctor Pepper, ya know good stuff at the ball game!

Running the outfield!
Cotton Candy!!!!!!!!
Wooly Bully autographing the baseball
Wooly and The Rally Wizard

As you can see, it was a grand evening. The weather was beautiful with the breezes and warmth. I do love it in The High Desert.

Bakersfield won by a score of11 to 10.