Emergency Rooms and Me….

Three times in the last 18 months……..

That being said, It is a much lower rate than when I went through that weight loss fun and games in the period from 2015 to 2017.

The one that I have been to lately is at Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley. Awesome place. The staff is great. I will not have to submit myself to those eleven hour and plus trips to Palmdale.

I have not kept count of the total number of ER visits in the last five years as that is a bit on the morbid side, ya know. The fun with the diverticulosis and the issues with the digestive tract is not something I enjoy. The imaging technician at Adventist and I are now on a first name basis. Nomar is my bud, ya might say.

Yeah, ER visits are a part of the normal for me these days……. It sucks bigtime……….. Oh, my blood pressure was in limits. OK, it was toward the high side but nevertheless it was in limits.

The photo is for attention only……….

Eighteen Months Ago

Tomorrow is actually the mark but I have to go to Lancaster to the VA Community Outreach Clinic.

But it was 18 months ago that I had the surgery to remove my left kidney. The one with the large mass. It was determined to be cancer after the pathology came back. The urologist gave me an eighty five percent rating of getting really old. At fifty five that is a good number. Really good.

It also is the same milestone for quitting smoking. Four days in hospital made it really easy.

So to all who were so supportive, again, my heartfelt thanks.