It’s been 5 months?

I rolled in this afternoon/evening after I had left over turkey, lumpy mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberries(whole ones) followed by pumpkin pie with that pressurized whipped cream…… I was gonna enter something profound and highly literal and kaboom, I suddenly realized it had been five months since I had been here…. So here goes ladies and gentlemen……

I have been working because we are considered mission essential. I know some folks who are not that lucky especially given the edicts of our not so esteemed governor, Greasy Gruesome Newsom. He is a reason that makes a repeat of 1776 a rather splendid idea at times………

We had a bit of a stressful event at Eddie’s Airplane Patch relative to the 412th AMXS in the July-August time frame that did cause some consternation in the unit. In a nutshell it was a possible contact with a possible contact of a confirmed case in a member’s family. To several of us it was an option to get the quick nasal check for the said China Virus. My flight chief at the time was sort of pushy about me getting it done. He worried about me due to my age and the fact that I have had some health related issues and having had cancer being one of them. I wound up being placed on administrative leave from Mid August to Mid October. Full pay and regular leave and sick leave still being earned. At least Missus ORPO and I were able to take a trip to Wichita, Kansas for the First Birthday of our Grandson, Grayson Austin Green. Add in that your humble Crew Dawg was also rolling Sixty-Six in that time period. My New Flight Chief was in a bit of a tizzy when he was informed about said vacation. I had already forecast it in January before he moved into his current position. I don’t even think I got charged the full amount of leave. Missus ORPO and I had a splendid time with the family.

I also had a fun event in August that required my old friend, the prep. You know THAT PREP! I also had the endoscopy done and that was a first. Polyp in the transverse colon and rectum, both of which were negative on the biopsies. The upper tract had some items that also had biopsies done and those were negative as well. The diverticulitis is there and it is being dealt with as I would prefer the surgery to be done after I retire at Edwards and we return to Kansas. Then I will have all the time in the world.

No Hockey yet. Supposedly the AHL is going to start the new season next week but no one knows anything because the above named elected official is being his usual 24 carat ass wipe self…….

There, caught up, I think. I am still thinking on whether or not to keep ATJT going or not. I am up against the free amount expiration soon. I have considered doing the Pinch Paisley thing and just calling it good because of the social media thing taking over.

Amtrak’s Southwest Chief might abandon western Kansas route, come through Wichita

Amtrak’s Southwest Chief might abandon western Kansas route, come through Wichita

TOPEKA — Western Kansas may lose easy access to Amtrak’s Southwest Chief passenger train because of deteriorating tracks and the state’s refusal to spend tens of millions of dollars to improve them.

A new route for the Chief could include a stop in Wichita, though any decision would be years away.

Wichita was home for 11 and 1/2 years. The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe, The Rock Island and The Frisco all served the Air Capital for years in the past along with the MKT I believe. Now it is BNSF and UP and the Kansas and Oklahoma. I loved traveling by rail when I was a youngster. I spend almost five years working ballast trains and railroads are still something I love. To see my adopted hometown get passenger rail service would be great! I could ride the train from Barstow to Wichita to visit grandchildren!

President Franklin Roosevelt and First Lady, Eleanor, soon after arriving at Union Station in 1936. In the background is the Jett & Wood Mercantile Company.

President Franklin Roosevelt and First Lady, Eleanor, soon after arriving at Union Station in 1936. In the background is the Jett & Wood Mercantile Company.

Union Station, 2007
Wichita Union Station 2007
Images are from The Wichita Eagle.

Back Home in The Desert

We got in on Wednesday at about 1800. We almost filled a 10 by 10 storage in Wichita. I filled a 6 by 12 U Haul trailer as well to bring back to California. We have a 10 by 10 storage here as well. The house in Wichita was 1850 square feet with a full basement. We live in a 1630 square foot house here with no basement.
Three days on the road, 1500 miles even. We came back via I-35 to I-40 in OKC.
I still have some rearranging to do to get our big hutch into the living room. I will need help. I buy the beer and it is done probably next weekend as it is my first four day furlough weekend.
I guess The Kern County Desert is now home for the foreseeable future.
I would like to thank all for the thoughts, prayers and wishes during this stressful time. We are one, Lexicans, Friends, Shipmates and Comrades.

Army chaplain gets posthumous Medal of Honor

Army chaplain gets posthumous Medal of Honor

As an adopted Kansan, this is a wonderful thing. Father Kapaun is revered in Kansas. There is a high school on the East Side that is named Kapaun-Mount Carmel.

“The Roman Catholic priest was recognized for helping to carry an injured American for miles as Chinese captors led them on a death march, and for risking his life to drag the wounded to safety while dodging explosions and gunfire.” The Wichita Eagle


At least 24 reported dead in Joplin Tornado

UPDATE: Death toll is now at 89 confirmed and more feared.

From the Wichita Eagle and it’s sources.

The middle of the country is getting hammered. Warnings out for Wichita Metro as well. Daughter, Son and there families live there.  We pay attention to severe weather there because of that.