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  • On the passing of Captain McCain

    I have been watching the “conversations” about John McCain on The Book of Faces since the news of his passing broke in the news media and I must say the some of it upsets me. First, yes I did vote for him in 2008. No regrets there. Good, that is out of the way. John…

  • Attitude and Perspective………Yep

    No further comment required.

  • Perspective and a life lesson

    I got this from Cindy King Barrow. She has the blog Snigs’ Spot. She is also a dear, sweet friend. Cindy is an LPN who does in home care. This is going to sound harsh, but maybe it needs to. To the folks sitting on disability for eons, despite being ABLE enough to party, be…

  • Eighteen Months Ago

    Tomorrow is actually the mark but I have to go to Lancaster to the VA Community Outreach Clinic. But it was 18 months ago that I had the surgery to remove my left kidney. The one with the large mass. It was determined to be cancer after the pathology came back. The urologist gave me…

  • Ranger Up New T shirt

    Go to Ranger up. Parrothead Jeff and Friends has the link. But here is their new T shirt graphic for Purple Heart Recipients.     #mce_temp_url# This is the link to their website. Go. Look.