33 years ago today, the Good Ship Kitty Hawk tied to Pier 7 at Naval Station Norfolk marking the end of a 6 month cruise around the world. Little did I know that it would be my last deployment of six. I served with a lot of good men in Attack Squadron One Four Seven even though I was TAD to the AIMD Hydraulic/Pneumatic Shop. BTW, we were the best Hydraulic/Pneumatic Shop in the United States Pacific Fleet in 1987.

Upon arrival every C-9 and DC-9 in the Naval Air Reserve was at NAS Norfolk to take the Air Wing personnel home. We were all home by 7 PM Pacific Time.

As an Intermediate Level guy, I was transferred to a new unit that was at each Naval Air Station with deploying squadrons called Sea Op Det. It had some severe teething problems in the beginning. It was not set up for a PO1 with almost 14 years of service. That is a story for another day.

I almost forgot…..

I still have this thing going, sort of anyway. I need to go ahead and pay the forty eight bucks a year to keep it going as I am running out of free space after ten years. You read that right, ten years. I started it just a few months after arriving in The Mojave Desert and a new job at Eddie’s Airplane Patch.

I have gained so many friends as a result of this here blog… Channeling our dear departed friend, Buck…. So after I make my medicare quarterly payment, I think this is the next thing on the agenda.

BTW, I am sitting here in the sort of wee hours watching After Hours with Alex Salvi on One America News Network and nursing one or two or three Belching Beaver Deftones Phantom Bride IPA. Yeah, work sucked ass tonight. The new Falcon AMU is a disaster and not the shit hot one we had before the merger of the two F-16 test outfits. Those of us from the Old Ramp Seven Falcon are disillusioned and downright angry……. We got a new OIC(Major with an attitude) and a CMSgt(same) that are pretty much micro managing things especially in the support section where I have worked for the past four plus years. The Old Retired Petty Officer ain’t impressed……

Day trip to Baker

We decided to run up the 15 to Baker. One of our favorite little places is there, that being Alien Fresh Jerky. I got a T shirt that after it is laundered will be posted.

I did take the Trusty Nikon and I did get a few pictures taken. It was an aim and fire sort of thing.