I lost a Shipmate….

Darryl Hinkle was my friend and Shipmate. I made four deployments with him over the course of my career. 

He was in VAQ 132 when I was ship’s company on Independence and in VAQ 137 when I was in VA 145 on Ranger. He also served in VP 26 with my brother in law, Greg Duffy. 

May his Memory be a Blessing. 


Pardon the absence and other news

We have had internet provider issues……………….

Now of importance in So Cal………………….

These Are The Four Officers Murdered In The Past Four Days

Three of these officers were in Southern California. Sgt. Owens lived and worked in and around Lancaster which is a short drive from me………………..

It is so sad to see these brave officers who go in harm’s way every day lost in the line of duty. There was no comment from the “powers that be” on any as near as I can find…………

This one was close to home……………..

Sergeant Steve Owen was murdered on Wednesday in an execution-style attack.

Sergeant Steve Owen was murdered on Wednesday in an execution-style attack.


Sad news today

My cousin died today from a massive heart attack. I have no other details.

My aunt lost two husbands and the younger son as well as her last relationship to cardio pulmonary issues.

The only one left is the daughter.

Richard was a retired HM2 and worked as a physical therapist.

One of us is gone

It is sad that one of our number has left this life.

Buck Pennington, aka MSGT Buck passed away this past week. The news was posted on his blog, Exile In Portales by his sons, Commander Pennington and Major Pennington.


Damn. I am gonna miss him terribly.

Christopher Goodrich has a most eloquent post at his place………………………………………



So Long My Friend

Someday, we will meet again

At Fiddler’s Green

King Air down at Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport

Got the first news on this from my daughter in Wichita. She works for the AOPA about a quarter of a mile from the Flight Safety International building on the airport.

Sources vary on the number of casualties.

The local stations are following the situation, so I will only provide links to them.




This one is close to home as it were.
King Air Crash at Wichita ICT

Navy helicopter with 5 aboard crashes in Red Sea

From NBC News: Sad News. Prayers for our Shipmates.

“Five crew members are missing after a U.S. Navy helicopter crashed in the Red Sea on Sunday during routine flight operations, military officials said.

The MH-60S Knighthawk helicopter, assigned to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 6 — nicknamed the HSC Indians — went down in the Central Red Sea at about noon local time, according to an official with the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet.”

Navy helicopter with 5 aboard crashes in Red Sea.

SUNSET OF A SNIPER——-Stormbringer


The media keeps saying “former Navy SEAL” – heads up Lamestream: there’s no such thing as a “former” SEAL or Green Beret – the correct term is ‘ex-‘ meaning ‘out of’.

Chris Kyle was a better man than most; lived more in his short time on this Earth than most men would in ten lifetimes. He was a bona fide American Hero. Honor him.


My friend’s view on the events of yesterday in Newtown CT.

My friend Jennifer Myers Soliz had this one up on her Facebook page today.
It’s good, folks. Doesn’t matter what your beliefs and values system is, it is that good. From a wife, mother and devout Christian. That is all

Oh. My. Goodness. Someone make the stupidity stop! I have seen video games, psych drugs, autism, working parents, public school, lack of gun control, and even God blamed for what happened yesterday. Just stop! I know we are all searching for answers after so many children and adults are slaughtered. I get that. It’s beyond our abil

ity to comprehend because we are not mass murderers. Folks- I’m not going to pretend to be some philosopher with all the answers. I don’t know why God allowed this to happen. I don’t have spiritual eyes- I’m still here on earth. I won’t see the spiritual forces until I get to the other side. This much I know: I absolutely believe the Bible- for more reasons than I can type with my thumbs on an FB status. That means I believe in unseen angels – some work for Almighty God and some for Satan. I believe in personal choice and responsibility. We choose to be swayed by good or evil. This mass murderer chose evil. Now- feeding young minds a constant diet of violence, sex etcetera is going to make them weaker against those forces, but don’t blame music, movies, video games for all of that. They are about supply and demand. If people demand trash and are willing to pay for it, business will supply it. Don’t blame psych drugs- some folks have chemical imbalances and they need those meds to live a somewhat normal life. I’m VERY pro natural, but sometimes our bodies need help. Don’t blame guns- murders, rapes, robberies happen all the time without guns! I’ve worked with some criminals as I’ve walked this strange life of mine. Not a single one of them said they refused to have a gun because the gun was illegal. Funny thing about criminals- they don’t seem to obey the law. Smh. And blaming God? I’ve seen comments that God was allowed in church where kids were molested, Hitler was a Christian, what God are we praying to who would allow this to happen, etc. *sigh* I’m not wanting to get into a long debate (and don’t get long winded in the comments about it either as I know a few of you can) or details, but quite simply you either believe Christ died and rose again or you don’t. You either believe God loves you (and He does) or you don’t. I pray and hope that you do. Message me if you want to talk about it! God doesn’t dictate that we follow Him. I believe the murders yesterday were of a person with a depraved heart. I will continue to pray for the first responders, families, loved ones, CT, and our nation. But taking the weapons away from law abiding citizens, meds away from those who need them, and blaming God are not the answers. May God comfort our nation, and may souls seek Him in the midst of this horror.

Family Tragedy—UPDATE: Janesville police release name of woman killed in apparent homicide — GazetteXtra

For all to understand this, the deceased is a cousin of The Missus ORPO. Prayers for our relatives in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois please, my friends…………………..

— Police say a Janesville woman found dead in the Fourth Ward was at the home of her estranged husband. According to a news release, Janesville police report that they found Tracy L. Moyer, 46, dead of an apparent homicide early today inside a house in the 300 block of West Racine Street.

According to a news release from the Janesville Police Department, police found Moyer dead in the home of her estranged husband, Krystopher R. R. Carlisle.

Carlisle was in the house too, and police reported he was in “medical distress.” Carlisle is being treated at Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center, where he was in critical condition with undisclosed medical problems, a nurse supervisor at the hospital said.

Police responded to Carlisle’s home about 3 a.m. to check the welfare of Moyer, who was “overdue getting home,” Deputy Chief Danny Davis said.

Police have not released details of the Moyer’s death, and they have not made an arrest, but investigators are treating the death as a homicide, Davis said.

It’s not clear if Carlisle played any role in the apparent homicide. Davis declined to say if an arrest is expected, but he said the public should not be concerned about the safety threat of a suspect on the loose.

“That’s one of the things we’re investigating, but we don’t know anything at this point,” Davis said.

A Gazette reporter and photographer on scene shortly after 9 a.m. today witnessed officials from the Rock County Coroner’s office wheeling out a gurney with a body covered by a sheet. Police detectives were in and out of the house, which was cordoned off with police lines.

One officer who declined to give information was seen collecting evidence in a car in parked in the driveway of the house.

Coroner Jenifer Keach declined to give any details about the situation, but she said an autopsy for Moyer is scheduled on Sunday.

Neighbors said Moyer had lived in the home, although she apparently had moved to a different address somewhat recently, one neighbor said.

Davis confirmed that Moyer had not been living with Carlisle leading up to her death. He said no one else but Moyer and Carlisle were in the house when police arrived, and police were still trying to learn why Moyer was at the house. It’s not clear where Moyer had been living.

Davis and neighbors said a teen daughter of Moyer had tried to contact the woman by phone late Friday or early today, and couldn’t reach her. One neighbor said the girl had knocked on the couple’s door at 2 a.m. Saturday, but nobody answered the door.

The neighbor said that he and one of Moyer’s two teen daughters then discovered a car running at the house, and the woman’s cellphone apparently was inside the car.

It’s not clear how long the woman was dead before police discovered her body.

Another neighbor said people Moyer works with had told him that she didn’t show up Friday night for the late shift of work at a Walworth factory.

Police do not plan to release more information tonight.

The Gazette will continue to update this story as it unfolds.

UPDATE: Janesville police release name of woman killed in apparent homicide — GazetteXtra.

Milestone, on a rough day.

Three years ago, on this day, I underwent a Nephrectomy. The left kidney had a ‘large mass’ on it. It went bye-bye. Pathology said cancer. I get a detailed physical every September since. The last results were all “in limits.”

About that rough day.

We at the 416 AMU/ Falcon lost a co worker to cancer last night. Ed Cunningham, AO1 USN RET was also a Shipmate. I had a flyer for a flight, turn, flight. It was on the second go that the flag was taken for the memorial fly over of our ramp.
Rough day for all, it was.

Bad News

We at the 416 AMU got bad news today. One of our coworkers had been in the hospital in Palmdale for about a week or so. He had been feeling poorly and not looking good either, for a while.

One of the guys was able to pay him a visit last night. The tests said cancer. Ton of bricks on all of us.

Ed Cunningham AO1, US Navy Retired. Shipmate.