Desert Wanderings: 21 April 2018

I had to go to Mojave to get things at Stater Bros Market for Missus ORPO. I took the trusty Nikon along. I got some shots of the yard where the components for the wind turbines are unloaded from special flat cars for movement to the area where they are assembled and put into service.

I have included random shots of other stuff as well. Enjoy.



Desert Half Moon

It was a pleasant morning and I took the liberty of spending time on the front verandah at Casa de Sharon y Glenn here in the Southeast Kern County Desert.

When I stopped at the Shopette on Edwards AFB this morning to fuel the Titan, I discovered that they had a small variety of decent cigars………………


Getting some heavy weather

Mother Nature is at it again. We are in for some rain and very high winds this afternoon and evening.

Our immediate forecast includes winds up to 75 mph according to the Wind Warning, with the rain. For those who think the desert is a dry and warm place should come here at this time of year………….

It has snowed a handful of times since we came to California. When I was working the ballast trains, it snowed at Amboy out there along the old 66/A T & S F in December of 2007.

California City Forecast for 31 January 2016

Mojave Desert Morning………………………………Sunrise

I left for work a bit earlier than usual this morning. I keep the Nikon in the Titan for opportunities…………………………..Today was excellent. I am no Pinch Paisley by any stretch but I have fun with my basic D3000.

The sun had just peeked over the Rand Mountains and I even got the purple that is a desert thing over the Rocket Lab on the mountain near Boron.

I love the desert. It has a certain quality of silence in the morning. I do enjoy the drive into the base in the morning on days like this. It is a very awesome place.

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The Air Force Rocket Lab in a longer shot.
The Air Force Rocket Lab on it's mountain.
The Air Force Rocket Lab on it’s mountain.
That small sliver of the rising sun over the Rand Mountains.

DSC_0006 DSC_0005 DSC_0004 DSC_0003 DSC_0002

Storm Coming This Way

We are getting storm lines from the one that is raising hell in other parts of California. I shot some on the way home after going in to get my stuff that had been in my locker, so I can take it to the new location for our AMU.

We are now getting activity from the third line of this storm so far. No problems here in the Southeast Kern County Desert, so far.

Four of the pics I took from in front of the house.

150170_862127750476239_5478961388053244758_n 10352335_862127893809558_8154401015546112330_n 10382731_862127860476228_4664466569319335450_n 10387201_862127837142897_2443360946657677819_n 10390342_862127977142883_7124107579493568088_n 10461464_862127790476235_544405258316292823_n 10675522_862127950476219_4357805026335429272_n 10690258_862127813809566_7315477209245519947_n 10845956_862127770476237_6386533512896080886_n 10849720_862127920476222_262528529687043760_n DSC_0010 DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0013