On the passing of Captain McCain

I have been watching the “conversations” about John McCain on The Book of Faces since the news of his passing broke in the news media and I must say the some of it upsets me.

First, yes I did vote for him in 2008. No regrets there. Good, that is out of the way.

John McCain served his country admirably and with distinction in the United States Navy. His last tour was in command of Attack Squadron One Seven Four which was one of the largest squadrons in the Navy, responsible for the training of Naval Aviators and Maintenance Personnel heading to A-7 Light Attack Squadrons in the US Atlantic Fleet. That is an awesome responsibility. Nuff said.

There are the rumors of his behaviour while he was a POW during the Vietnam Conflict. As far as I can see those are just that, rumors.

If individuals cannot show some form of decorum regarding his death, they have some serious issues as human beings from the point of view of this Old Retired Petty Officer. At this point, the man’s political views are a moot point. Dignity and respect should be given to his family in the manner of one’s chosen beliefs and values. I have seen comments from a few Christians that are quite frankly reprehensible at best. Some Christian behaviour on their part.  Cancer is a vile thing. It took my Dad and I have had it myself. When Captain McCain made the decision to stop treatment, it was a decision to be taken lightly. My Dad did the same thing.

When the funeral happens in the near future, I truly hope that all of us take the time to bow or cover our heads as whatever religious custom dictates in respect and reflection for a truly good man who gave his best to his country. Remember this one thing, their are those who truly believe that he was a hero. If you chose to believe otherwise, that is your choice. I will not criticize you in an open forum for that. My own upbringing and sense of values will not let me attack you.

The best I can do today. The afflictions of the years and mileage are having an impact on the thought process today.

Just remember this one thing. Only G-d can truly judge us.

ORPO sends.


Blue Cut Fire: 96 homes, 213 outbuildings destroyed, official says | abc7.com

Firefighters are slowly gaining on the fire. I could still see smoke this morning when I left work to head home.

Ninety-six homes and 213 outbuildings have been destroyed in the Blue Cut Fire, an official announced Friday morning, as the massive blaze continued to burn near the Cajon Pass. The fire is now 26 percent contained.

Source: Blue Cut Fire: 96 homes, 213 outbuildings destroyed, official says | abc7.com

Blue Cut Fire in Cajon Pass Explodes to 18,000 Acres, 0 Percent Contained; State of Emergency Declared | KTLA

Here we go again…………………………………..

Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in the fast-moving Blue Cut Fire that has exploded to 18,000 acres and forced more than 82,000 people out of their homes since it broke out Tuesda…

Source: Blue Cut Fire in Cajon Pass Explodes to 18,000 Acres, 0 Percent Contained; State of Emergency Declared | KTLA

The Santa Barbara Fire

The big fire down by Santa Barbara is at 4,000 plus acres. This morning the smoke showed up in the Antelope Valley. At sunrise we realized it wasn’t high thin clouds.

I had to fuel my pickup and stop at the exchange before heading home. When I left the exchange, I could smell the smoke. Jets taking off were disappearing in short order on climb out from the base.

On the way home, I broke out my Trusty Nikon and grabbed a few pictures at the California City Boulevard turnoff. I give you those pictures.

Cal City Boulevard looking North
The San Gabriel Mountains
Another shot of the San Gabriel Mountains
Looking West toward the Tehachapi along the utility service road parallel to the 58
Another view of Cal City Boulevard

I also decided to include the link to the latest on the fire from KTLA 5 out of Los Angeles.

Brush Fire Burning in Santa Barbara County Grows to 4,000 Acres; 5 Percent Contained

House Democrats Won’t Let Pregnant Double-Amputee Congresswoman Vote From Home | The Daily Caller

FILE -- Tammy Duckworth walks off stage after addressing the opening session of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Sept. 4, 2012. (REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi)
Tammy Duckworth, Major, USA, Retired

I thought I would put this up because it illustrates the goings on behind the scenes in “the halls of congress.” I understand that there are rules in place for that ‘game of thrones’ that is played when it comes to committee appointments.

This lady has been through the shit. I may not agree with her politics, and I do not for the most part. The level of stupid appears to be at a high point these days with all of the infighting.




House Democrats Won’t Let Pregnant Double-Amputee Congresswoman Vote From Home | The Daily Caller.

King Air down at Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport

Got the first news on this from my daughter in Wichita. She works for the AOPA about a quarter of a mile from the Flight Safety International building on the airport.

Sources vary on the number of casualties.

The local stations are following the situation, so I will only provide links to them.




This one is close to home as it were.
King Air Crash at Wichita ICT

Earthquake in the Wine Country of California

At approximately 0320 Pacific Time, a 6.0 earthquake struck in the Wine Country of California. The epicenter was between Napa and Sonoma. Initial reports have three people seriously injured and heavy damage in Sonoma and Napa.

This is the largest quake in 25 years for this area. The last one was the Loma Prieta quake in 1989 that occurred during the world series.

napa quake 24 Aug 14



Current coverage is on Fox News Channel.

Soldier Faces Prison For Unpatriotic Selfie

Seems this particular news item is getting folks all in a tizzy………….This particular item was at Fox Nation.


Now I figure this is best left to the Platoon Sergeant or Company First Sergeant…………Because folks, we in the modern Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force have been doing this for sometime now. It is one of those little things that gets an individual an ass chewing or assigned to the color detail for a period of time as a means of instruction in Military Bearing. So in the Navy and Coast Guard it would be the Leading Petty Officer or Leading Chief Petty Officer or Branch/Division Officer. A Marine would be handled by his NCOIC, Platoon Sergeant or First Sergeant as for the Air Force these days, I want to say the Flight Chief……………..

I had an instance in the early 1990’s of a Restricted Man skylarking as a member of the Color Guard at NAS Whidbey Island WA. I was a Restriction Barracks Senior Petty Officer and we were tasked with Morning and Evening Colors. The OOD, who was a Marine Gunnery Sergeant decided that the man in question would be on the Color Guard for one week for both Morning and Evening Colors………….Got the kid’s attention………………

America’s Sergeant Major, proprietor of Castra Praetoria has this to say about this little fracas…………..


Navy helicopter with 5 aboard crashes in Red Sea

From NBC News: Sad News. Prayers for our Shipmates.

“Five crew members are missing after a U.S. Navy helicopter crashed in the Red Sea on Sunday during routine flight operations, military officials said.

The MH-60S Knighthawk helicopter, assigned to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 6 — nicknamed the HSC Indians — went down in the Central Red Sea at about noon local time, according to an official with the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet.”

Navy helicopter with 5 aboard crashes in Red Sea.

DOD Furlough Observations from Bill Paisley

Good old “Pinch” Paisley had this at his Facebook today. I am also one of those getting the furlough letter as I work for the Air Force at Eddie’s Airplane Patch. Sucks. But Bill has this short but most eloquent post…………..Shipmate, Friend, Blog Bud and Lexican.


Furlough letter today. Yay. Makes me feel better when I’m losing 11 days of work and Major Nidal Hasan is getting his full pay. Or when the White House has parties for Justin and Beyonce. Or millions of dollars are spent on a study of Chinese prostitutes to try and make it more difficult for American businessmen to become HIV Positive while on a trip to Hong Kong. Ain’t that America.


Boeing touts fighter jet to rival F-35 — at half the price

Boeing touts fighter jet to rival F-35 — at half the price

Super Hornet less stealthy, but has lower sticker price and operational costs

I have been wondering about this myself………………………….

‘Twin engines, dual redundant hydraulics … those are the things I don’t want to give up in flying to remote places or even in combat, because those are the things that’ll bring you home.’—Super Hornet chief test pilot Ricardo Traven

Bankrupt, Decaying And Nearly Dead: 24 Facts About The City Of Detroit That Will Shock You

Bankrupt, Decaying And Nearly Dead: 24 Facts About The City Of Detroit That Will Shock You


A Facebook Friend had this up this afternoon. The numbers are staggering.

“If you want to know what the future of America is going to be like, just look at the city of Detroit.  Once upon a time it was a symbol of everything that America was doing right, but today it has been transformed into a rotting, decaying, post-apocalyptic hellhole.  Detroit was once the fourth-largest city in the United States, and in 1960 Detroit had the highest per-capita income in the entire nation.  It was the greatest manufacturing city the world had ever seen, and the rest of the globe looked at Detroit with a sense of awe and wonder.  But now the city of Detroit has become a bad joke to the rest of the world.  Unemployment is rampant, 60 percent of the children are living in poverty and the city government is on the verge of bankruptcy.  They say that Detroit is just a matter of “weeks or months” away from running out of cash, and when Detroit does declare bankruptcy it will be the largest municipal bankruptcy in the history of the United States.  But don’t look down on Detroit, because the truth is that Detroit is really a metaphor for what is happening to America as a whole.  In the United States today, our manufacturing infrastructure has been gutted, poverty is absolutely exploding and we are rapidly approaching national bankruptcy.  Detroit may have gotten there first, but the rest of the country will follow soon enough.”

The rest is at the link.