California City and The High Desert

The House
Tehachapi Mountains
Joshua Tree!
Towards Edwards AFB from the North
Wind Turbines on the Tehachapi
Boneyard, Mojave Airport
Downtown California City!
The Patio
Snow capped San Gabriel Mountains. The LA basin, San Fernando Valley on the other side.
The borax plant to the ENE from our line over Rodgers Dry Lake

Pictures of the Antelope Valley for your viewing pleasure.

11 thoughts on “California City and The High Desert

  1. I’m having trouble finding borax in the grocery store laundry section. Maybe I need to come out and dig up some of my own.

  2. My last duty station was the now closed George AFB, outside Victorville. Spent the last 9 months of my 8 years there working the swing shift line truck for Weapons Release. Had F-105 D’s and G’s, F-4 C’s,D’s,E’s and the German F-4F’s. Since I had prior F-105 experiance, it made for an interesting night sometimes, going from the Phantom II’s to the Thunderchiefs, made you mentally shift gears when troubleshooting. The Phantoms had many variations in the relay boxes, along with slight changes in the blocks(when the aircraft was made, plus TCTO’s performed).

  3. The F-16s are similar in the aggravation factor. Tons of TCTOs and Block reconfigs here in the test squadron amu.

    1. Not since I have been here. I think it is in the museum at Wright-Patterson.
      Even the latest Blocks of the F-16 still have a radius issue and they can only haul stores at a moderate level. The E and F Super Hornets are the coming thing. The F-35 is not going to cut it, too much off of one airframe. The US has not purchased a new F-16 in about 21 years.

  4. Howdy, neighbor. I am to your south in the A.V. Lancaster. My blog stories never give actual location(s) or true names, as to the sensitive nature of my stories…but the locations mostly center around the High Desert and Kern/Inyo/SanBerdo Cos . I stumbled on your blog by way of another blogger’s site…all of us conservatives tend to travel the same circuits, I see. 😉 I shall be back to visit again. Happy New Year.

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